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Where's My Happy
Blood is thick
We are family         
Came to believe         
Bert’s bank boycott         
Your turn to change         
Waste not. Ever.
Rewriting the deal         
Making waves         
You’re worthy! Really, really worthy!         
Protecting our dreams         
You have a right to be here       
Love letter
Where there was chaos        
Breathe. Open the gate
A new day

Hello and Welcome!

You’ve probably heard it said before that we often hold the keys to our own confinement. Here are a few stories that may help you find the keys to open the gate and walk free into the life you’ve imagined. 

 This eBook is based on lessons I’ve learned as a Reiki Master and from the many

guests on Shine On: The Health and Happiness Show.
My mission is to remind you that you are a magical creature

who is perfectly capable of creating the life you want to live.
Let’s get on with the living!


 If the concept of reiki is new to you, it helps to picture your body as an energetic entity emitting a frequency that can be felt and measured.  The universal energy that exists in nature also flows through you. A flower leans toward the sun.  Your body drinks energy from food, from nature and from love. 

 If you have ever entered a room where someone’s just had a fight you may have felt a jagged energy.  You can also “feel the electricity” in the air when you are with people whose spirits are high.  If you tune in, you can sense if someone near you has low energy or is filled with vitality.

Open the Gate is a collection of thoughts and observations based on my reiki practice. Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique once reserved for royalty.  In the early 1900’s Mikao Usui felt called to resurrect what had been a secret practice to heal people at his clinic.  Usui taught his version of reiki to 22 students,

one of whom brought it to Hawaii in the 1930’s .  

The practice traveled across the country and around the world.

 A reiki practitioner creates a comfortable space where a client can relax lying down on a massage table or seated in a chair.

The client is to do nothing but let go and may even fall asleep!

The practitioner will hover his or her hands a few inches over the client’s body, first scanning the energy field. Later he or she will move their over the client’s head for several minutes as outlined by Mikao Usui.  Westerners later added chakra positions located thought the center of the body as further hand positions for reiki. 

 Some practitioners lay their hands on a client’s body while others hover their hands in the energy field a few inches above it. In some states it is illegal to do “hands on healing” unless you are licensed as a nurse, doctor or healthcare professional. Either way, reiki is effective as energy moves to the degree you subconscious allows it to flow, whether you are receiving touch or not.

 When I was very young I saw a movie about hands on healing and knew I would do it one day.  I also knew I’d simply be invited to it when it was time.  Many years later, at a yoga class I had never attended before, a woman I hadn’t seen in years approached me with a quizzical look.  She said, “I have this friend I used to work with in Human Resources. She’s now doing a thing called reiki. Have you heard of it?  She needs one more person to fill up her level one class and something told me you might be into it.”  That was the invitation I had waited for.

 I opened my practice, Shine On Reiki, days after receiving my reiki level two certification and quickly made arrangements to finish the 3rd and final level of study.  Today I see clients in locations in Cold Spring and Croton. 

Not all, but many people who come to me for reiki say they to want to break free or more forward or release something.  Being stuck in old patterns seemed to be a near universal theme.  I was moved to share some of these stories with the intention of helping others.  All the names, and in some cases genders, have been changed.

As one recent client said, “I’m still not sure how all this works, I just know it makes me feel better.” And so it does….

Where's My Happy?

You’ve meditated, visualized, journaled and prayed, and, as the saying goes, you “still want to slap someone!” Although you’ve tried many times and many ways to feel better and live better, you are still not happy. You feel stuck, and the things you want most in life elude you. Where is the end of the rainbow? Where is your joy? 

Do you want to lose weight? Find a mate? Get a better job? Save money? Go on vacation? Buy a house? Find new friends?  Fall in love? Feel good? Be peaceful? Whatever your dream is, you can be much closer to achieving it once you review your life and rewrite some old contracts.

My reiki clients often come to me because they are feeling stuck.  Experience has taught me that sometimes our best efforts are blocked by subconscious pacts. Why would you make an agreement not to have your heart’s desire?  Maybe because something overwhelmed you and you didn’t have the words or the tools to deal with it. You could have made this pact because you believed someone else’s truth and because you loved them. Or you may have made a bad deal because you were afraid.


Blood is thick

Growing up, the elders in my extended family were my babysitters.  They would point out where all the “rich people” lived during our bus rides to town.  They surely did not seem happy about those people!  The dialogue sounded like this, “That damn Marta Mangone.  She has more money that God.”  “See that house? The people who live there have so much money than they know what to do with!” 

On trips to the store I could hear their stage whispers. “Look at her wearing that coat to the A&P! Such a show off! We know you have money! You don’t have to flaunt it in the grocery store!”  

Their disapproval confused me. As a child, I naively believed everyone in the neighborhood was on the same team.  I thought our small town was like a big club and everyone was part of it.
Even now, remembering this part of my life makes me feel sad.  Many in this family of new American citizens felt like “have not’s” in a world of “haves.” 
Of course, I didn’t realize it at the time, but I grew up thinking there was a line I couldn’t cross and a world I couldn’t enter. If I wanted to stay true to my tribe, I couldn’t dream of a different life. And I didn’t. It never occurred to me that I could choose a new reality.  If these were my people, than this was my life. That was my belief.  

The family had survived a financial collapse in Italy before living through the depression in America. They used to show me pretty lire they kept in a box.  The money had no value back in their country.  It was a box of sadness that proved the banks, set up to help them secure their dreams, had betrayed them. I was too young to understand why the colorful pieces of paper had no worth, but I was old enough to feel their disappointment and sense of being left behind.

Listening to their banter engrained in me that there were levels of greatness that were not visible to the untrained eye. It also led me to believe  I was never going to get far high on this spectrum. My adventures with my babysitters cemented the belief that I was not one of the “lucky ones”.  Subconsciously, I signed that deal before I was 10 years old. Decades later, when I came to release old agreements, I began to experience a limitless universe, not the limited one of my ancestors. 

Today as an inspirational speaker, host of The Shine On radio show and podcast and a practitioner of energy healing modalities, I come face to face with other people’s contracts every day.  At my reiki practice bright, active, educated people bring me long lists of the things they “can’t do.”  My greatest joy has been showing them that sometimes, all they have to do is rewrite an old deal.
When I lead weekend retreats, I often work with a roomful of people sitting shoulder to shoulder. I ask them to look to their left and their right and acknowledge the people around them.  I assure each individual that if everyone in the room was to become wildly successful in their chosen path, it could not lessen the amount of plenty that is available to them to do the same. 

Changing your life is possible.  Having more of everything you desire is possible. 

We start with self-inspection.

Take a deep breath. Release any tension in your body.


We are family

Take a look at your first family. Maybe it was a sibling who struggled, a parent who was depressed or a close friend who was scared or disappointed.  Is it possible, that to remain “loyal” to them, you vowed not to live to your potential?  Is it possible you made a subconscious contract to keep love at bay? Is it possible you unknowingly made a pledge not to shine? Could it be possible that you’re not traveling or saving money or losing weight right now because of an unspoken agreement from your youth? If that is true, it is also fixable. No one wants to hear they’ve held the keys their own cage, yet I say it’s better than learning someone else has the keys!

Somewhere along your road to right-this-minute you decided just how much you would have and how happy you would be.  Would you like to know the exact boundaries you set? Look around.  You are living your limits.  All of your decisions are visible to you. This is where you have agreed to be. This is the income you are comfortable with and the love life you signed up for. But your heart yearns for more?

Breathe.  Relax your face. Let your shoulders drop.
Is it possible, that when you were young, you made a tacit,

binding agreement that you have been unaware of your whole life?


Let’s breathe and think and breathe some more. 

If an old contract is holding you back, you are very close to taking a key and opening the gate to walk free. Often, you can do this by simply rewording your old beliefs. If you are feeling stuck, frustrated and bewildered as the very thing you desire continues to stay at arm’s length, you may have unwittingly written the script.

Old contracts bind us to our parents, siblings, extended family and even close friends. We vow to stay at a certain level, silently promising never to outshine or move ahead of them.  We agree to stay small so we can stay “on their team” and be loyal to “the family story.”  Maybe we agree to these deals because we love them and we don’t know how to fix their pain.  Before we had the words to console them, or the life skills to draw a healthy boundary between their limiting belief and ourselves, we may have put on the collar and yoke to help carry their burden.  We were declaring our love and loyalty never knowing we were locking the gate to our own greatness.

Came to believe

Young people can simply believe what others say is true. At an impressionable age we may have come to believe that “money didn’t grow on trees” or “some guys have all the luck”.  We may have come to believe we had to “play the hand we were dealt” and “find a way to get by”.  We may have come to believe we had to “settle for what we had” because “life is not like the movies.” “That’s not the way it goes for our kind.” We may have come to believe that we’d “never amount to anything.” We may have come to believe in someone else’s limitation.

Breathe. Think of the limiting phrases you grew up with as a child. 

Speak them out loud now or write them in your journal.

Repeat them and breathe through them until any sting melts away.

Bert’s Bank Boycott 

I have a wonderful friend who is talented and hard working.

He’s always in demand as a house painter. 

He makes good money, yet he drives an old,

ramshackle van with over 250 thousand miles on it,

and he never has a dime in the bank. 

Ask Bert why he’s not saving for his future and he will give you an array of excuses. 

“I can’t save money! There are always bills coming in!

There’s too much to keep up with!  Who can save?” 
I swear, if you gave him $5 to take straight to the bank he would find reasons to drive all over town and come back with that picture of Abe Lincoln still stuffed in his pocket.  The idea of saving money was absolutely foreign to him. 

At a recent reiki session I asked Bert if he made any deals as a kid to stay broke. His parents divorced when he was 13.  Bert’s dad is a doctor living in a wealthy community, happily remarried for 20 years. His mother is barely getting by in a tiny, basement apartment with not even a houseplant to keep her company.  

Bert stood up and laughed at my suggestion.

Then he sat back down and barked, “What did you say?” 

“Did you ever make an deals as a kid, maybe with one of your parents, to struggle financially?”  His eyes filled with tears, he shook his head in disbelief at the unexpected realization that suddenly came over him.  “My mother.  My mother!  When she and Dad divorced she complained that Dad took everything. She’s still complaining all these years later!”  

“I think,” Bert said, “to make her feel better, I won’t save money.

It wouldn’t be right to have more than she does.”
Bert’s mother had no idea he made this silent, powerful, emotional deal when he was just a boy. Bert himself did not know about this agreement until we uncovered it together.  His eyes grew wide as he asked, “What can I do now?” 

The answer is simple.  Rewrite the deal. At our next reiki session Bert did some deep breathing, got relaxed and centered and found his magical moment to unlock his own prison gate. I asked him, while in a deeply relaxed state,

to speak the words he’d like to say to his mother to undo his deal.

I love you and I’m sorry life has been a struggle for you. 

When Dad left, you lost a lifestyle you loved and you were never able to get it back. 

I wish that didn’t happen for you like that. I’m truly sorry. 

Back then, I felt really bad inside. I couldn’t fix what was broken for you. 

I made a promise that I would always be your son and

I would never live better than you. 

I thought that if I struggled I could take your pain away

or at least not betray you like Dad did.

This may seem crazy, but I know in my heart that’s what I did. 

Mom, I just can’t do it anymore. 

I love you but I need to save money for my future.

And the more I save, the more I can help you!

And the next time I see you, maybe we’ll talk about “contracts.” 

Maybe you made a deal with someone when you were a kid too. It’s never too late to rewrite your story. 

In the coming weeks, just about every time he drove past his bank, Bert made a deposit. Sometimes it was only $15 or $20, but by the next time I saw him, he had saved hundreds and even opened an IRA.  

Bert hasn’t yet felt right about discussing the idea of childhood pacts with his mother. He doesn’t feel she’d be open to it.  But, Bert says he feels more at ease when he is with her because he is now living his life from a more authentic place.
Your turn to change

Like an actor in a play, you may have taken on a role

that doesn’t resonate with who you are now. 

You may feel it in your chest or belly, if you give yourself the time

and permission to look at the scripts in your life.

Your breath may shorten and your heart center might feel tight

when you come across a deal that doesn’t serve you well.

Breathe deeply.
Grab your journal or open the notes section of your digital device.

Write a few possible contracts you may have made. 

Don’t overthink it. Just breathe and consider the possibility.

If you could have made a contract, what would it be about?

Who could it be with? Please don’t skip this step.

Write down 3 possible deals you may have made.

You’re worth this small effort.

Here are few lists that may help you find a label that isn’t right for you. 

Do you believe you needed to be:

The life of the party or unseen and unheard?

The black sheep of the family or the responsible one?

The loud one?

The quiet one?

The smart one?

The one who would never complain? 

Do you believe you had to:

Stay small or be bigger than life?

Stay sad or always be happy?

Stay broke?

Stay scattered?

Stay busy?

Stay tied to a family drama?

Do you believe you could never:


Take a vacation?

Be madly in love?

Have a your dream job?

Be lighthearted?

Do the things you really wanted to do?


Let the thoughts flow through you.

You can come back to this list anytime.


Let go.


Waste not. Ever.

Sharon would love to be 50 pounds lighter. 

She’s a great cook, just like her dad.

Somewhere in her childhood she made a pact with him

to never waste a morsel of food. 

Her father’s religious family impressed upon him that wasting food was “a sin”

and he passed this onto his daughter.

As a child, Sharon loved the warm glow of Daddy’s praise

ever time she “cleaned her plate” and feared the drama when anyone

“wasted the bounty they were given”.

Sharon said, “Even when things were good, they were bad!” 

She recalled one childhood summer when the family garden produced an

abundance of vegetables, yet her parents were terrified that food would “go to waste”.

The minute Sharon realized the contract she made to stay loyal to her family’s worship of food, something shifted inside her. 

Sometimes all it takes is the awareness of a contract to dissolve it completely. 

The words came easily to Sharon as she addressed her clan from

 the safety of my reiki table.
Family, I love you and I thank you for all the wonderful traditions and recipes you handed down to me. My life is rich and full because of them.  But there is one tradition that doesn’t serve me and that is “being a good girl and cleaning my plate.”  Food is abundant here and I promise to never purposely waste it. But it’s no longer my job to “eat it all up” to please you.  I know you want what’s best for me and never meant for me to ingest your fears, but that’s exactly what happened. So from now on, I will be eating less and not feeling like a failure if an apple or avocado goes bad on my watch. I’m releasing that stress and moving on to a healthier way of life. I know you love me and want me to be healthier. And I know I love me and I want me to be healthier!
Her family never heard those words. This was Sharon’s knot to untie. 

Her family never meant Sharon any harm. They were simply living their lives and passing down what they believed to an impressionable young girl.
Just the act of affirming a new belief shifted Sharon’s energy.

Breathe. Smile.

Rewriting the deal


Maybe today is the day you start to form the healthier thoughts

that will release you from an agreement that no longer serves you. 

No one needs to know you are “rewriting the deal”. 

This contract was made without anyone’s awareness, even yours,

and most of the time you can rewrite it without involving anyone from your past.

You can start it right now and you can continue to work on the “new deal” in your mind or in your journal until it feels good and right to you. 

Send thanks to the people in your past contracts.  We are all imperfect and we are all on this journey together. If you can, bless them for any good they gave you.  Whether they are still with us, or even if they have gone beyond, you can detach with kindness and peace.  Then bless yourself with a new choice that resonates more deeply with who you are now. The minute you lovingly take your power back, you will have more strength to take care of yourself and others. You are no longer unwittingly draining your energy on someone else’s struggles or imaginings.

Breathe. Relax your face.

Making waves 

Anne is a powerhouse of a woman.

She's big, brash and bold and is always filled with buoyant energy. 

She is very successful at her corporate job, yet she feels she outgrew it years ago. Anne’s heart’s desire is to open up her own firm and be her own boss. 

Why doesn’t she move forward? Anne came to me with her list of “if onlys”. 

If only Mr. Big Shot Broker would have lunch with her

she could pick his brain about potential clients. 

If only Ms. Big Shot Head of Whatever at Such  & Such would take an interest in her she could launch her new career. The list goes on. Always, Anne longs for someone “in power” to give her their blessing and help her usher in her own dream.

Powerful contacts are a good thing. Yet, is it possible that somewhere along the line, this very capable woman adopted the belief that her own power wasn’t enough?

Anne recites her “if onlys” unaware that she could use her own connections to gradually build a client base until it's time to make the shift to being her own boss.

Did Anne make a promise to give away her power?

Does she believe she has to wait to be invited to this prom called life?

Or did something happen that made her unable to recognize her own worth?

After several reiki sessions, this childhood mantra came into Anne’s awareness:

“Who do you think you are?  You’re not in charge here. 

Just take what’s given to you.  Don’t push. Don’t make waves.”


You’re worthy. You’re really really worthy!
How many of us greet the dawn with a stretch and a smile and shout out,

“I deserve the best today!”

Most likely, very few of us begin the day that way.
If there’s one thing I’ve come to see in my reiki sessions it’s that feeling unworthy seems to be part of the human condition.  Unworthiness can thwart the best of plans and steer us away from our dreams and desires. 

Thankfully, there is way to find out if you are indeed “worthy.” 

Check the pulse on your wrist. Is your heart beating? Good. 

Now check your lungs. Are you breathing in and out?

If you can answer yes to both questions, you are worthy to pursue your dreams. 

If you find yourself alive on planet Earth, get busy living! 

You have nothing to prove and no dues to pay.

Regardless of what happened in your past, this minute and every minute that follows is your fresh start. 

We all have things we wish we hadn’t done

and we all have things we wish we hadn’t said. 

We may have lived years in a situation that didn’t nurture our best interests.  
With love and compassion I’d like to ask, “So what?” 
The best thing you can do for the entire world is to be the happiest person you can be starting right now.  If you need to make amends you will find the way and the strength to do so as you keep walking towards your health and happiness. 

I work in your energy field.  I can assure you that energy isn’t judging you.

Energy wants to flow through you and literally “energize” every cell in your body.  Energy doesn’t sit back and think,

“Well, this one has made some bad choices, let’s find a better specimen.” 

Energy, life force, prana, chi, call it what you like, it just wants to flow. 

When energy gets stuck it’s because it has a message.

Where do you feel stuck? What could the message be?

Breathe deeply now! Breath deeply again.

Do you feel that life force fill your being?  It’s free.

It’s abundant and it wants to move through you clearing away the debris of the past.

Breathe and smile. You are worthy.

Protecting your dream 

Hector was not my typical reiki client. This was his first foray into the healing modalities yet he came into his session full of playful energy.

He settled down on the table with a “let’s do this!” attitude.

I watched as he easily drifted into a relaxed state

and followed my guided meditations and breathing exercises. 

The only odd thing about our healing session was that Hector

kept his left hand on his lower belly, just below his navel.

thought he would move it as he relaxed, but that big hand didn’t budge.

For nearly an hour I moved my hands over and through his energy field.

Intuitively, I drew ancient Japanese symbols in the air over his chakras and around his head while noticing subtle changes in his body as he relaxed. 

After completing my closing rituals, Hector rolled on to his right side,

took 3 cleansing breaths, and sat up slowly.

I poured us each a glass of clean, cool water. 

Between gulps Hector told me how relaxed and comfortable he felt.

Then he said, “I thought you would ask me to move my hand but I guess it didn’t mater.”  I thought for a second before I replied, “Well, it seemed important that you hold on to your second chakra so I honored that. “  

He looked at me with a pug-like head tilt and a question mark in his eyes. I explained how the energy centers along our spine, throat and head have different names, are associated with different colors and represented different aspects of our health and personality.  I told Hector he seemed intent on holding his orange, creativity center.
What happened next I could have never imagined. 

Hector put his head in his hands and sobbed.

He said he was an artist and all he wanted to do was paint but his corporate job and family responsibilities kept him from even thinking about his dreams. 

“I’m blocking my creativity! I’m blocking it! I knew it!”

We talked, did some deep breathing and some EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, tapping on pressure points to move Hector’s thoughts and feelings

toward a healthier truth.

Hector wasn’t “blocking” his creativity, but he may have been protecting it for a time when he could move back to this important part of himself.

He left promising to make time to paint one small thing, as long as doing so felt easy and didn’t cause any stress in is family or business life.  Perhaps now is not the time for Hector to purpose his artistic desires, but he knows that his dream is “in good hands” until the time is right.

You have a right to be here

Life changing moments can be found anywhere and anytime.

For me, it was a line in a poem that altered the direction of my life. 

“You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars

you have a right to be here.” 

Until the moment I read that line, I had been stalled, waiting for someone to tell me there was a place for me in the world.  Max Ehrmann wrote the poem The Desiderata in 1927. Over 60 years later I found a copy of it in a calligraphy shop on the Boardwalk at the Jersey shore.  It had rained every day of that vacation in the mid 80’s.  Yet that trip remains one of the brightest moments on my path because I found the words my soul was longing to hear.  

You are a child of the universe.  You are made of stardust.  That’s not a poem.

That’s science.  Nearly every element on Earth right now, including the elements in you, was created in the bosom of a star. Look up at your cousins, the stars.

Set your bar higher.

If you are here this is something you have that someone needs.

Find it and give it. Freely.  If all you can muster is a smile,  give that.

You will change countless lives with just that small kindness.

Isn't that a life to celebrate?

Carefully, steadily, with loving self care, treat yourself as your most beloved friend.

Consider writing a love letter to yourself that sets you free to explore the universe. 

Rumi, the Persian mystic poet said, "What you seek is seeking you.” 

What is seeking you? Breathe. Imagine.

Love Letter


If your healthiest and happiest self could write to you now,

how would you fill in the blanks?

Dear  ______________,

I love you.  This life has been a wild ride.

Let’s make a plan and a promise for the future. From this moment on,

I pledge to do my best to ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Let’s break any old deals that don’t serve us such as ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


And let’s make time for these things that make our heart sing like

We can do this one breath at a time. Here’s to a future of light and joy!



Consider writing and mailing this letter to you.
This one small action makes a big declaration to the universe.


 Where there was disorder

It’s my belief that our purpose on Earth is our soul’s evolution. 

We are here to open our hearts and minds and to grow into our divinity. 

Some lessons we learn in peace and some lessons are taught on a different stage.  Many subconscious agreements we make as children are born in love.

Yet, there are some pacts that were forged in fear.

If there was abuse or trauma in your life, tread gently. 

Get support. No matter how well you’ve learned to “live with it” breathe into that space and see if there’s something more to be smoothed out. 
Mythologist Joseph Campbell said, “Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” 

The very thing that hurt you may be the source of your super power. 

This seemingly broken place is where the light of love can shine in. 

Honor it.  Surround your wound with the gift of your breath.

No matter how dark a chapter of your story may be,

do you think you can find a small gift there? 

As we all do, I have suffered traumas and dramas and seemingly insurmountable turmoil.   After years of struggle, I came to focus on unraveling the knots in my story while holding fast to the belief that I would, as Joseph Campbell promised,

“find my treasure.” 

Is it possible that the universe was being benevolent by letting me trudge ungracefully through some very intense ordeals? 

I can honestly say, had those difficult things not occurred, I would not have grown attain to the degree of peace and connection to spirit I have now. 

The painful parts of my life altered my trajectory out of the normal bounds I was living in and into an extraordinary territory. 

This eventually led me to a life of motivating others, working in the healing arts,

and even using a radio show to share healthy ideas.

Would I be in this place if my life had been less turbulent and more predictable?

I honestly don’t see how that could be possible.

As I say to my reiki clients,

 "You could have been ordinary. Your past has made you



When you are on my reiki table, I can’t take away that which you want to hold on to.  Energy will move through you if allow it to move.

Your mind may be saying, “release” while your subconscious is holding tight. 

What do you hold onto?  What are you most afraid to put down?

Who will you be without the heartache, wound or worry?

What will people say if you change?

What will happen if you move your focus away from the issue and just breathe? 

Sooner or later, each of us may have to revisit things we don’t like to look at or remember. You can release the pain in this lifetime, or carry it into the next. 

Our soul’s growth is unending.  

Some people hold fast to their wounds vowing to carry their scars to the grave.

Would you want this for your dearest friend? 

What kind of God would want that for you? 


There is peace waiting for you at the other end of a deep breath.

Don’t block the light. Breathe your way into it.

Please don’t ever believe that holding on to a “life sentence” is what you deserve. 

With God’s grace I hope to grow and change and learn for as long as I’m alive.

I pray to continue to put down the things I no longer need to carry on this journey. 

If you are carrying a burden or a grievance, give voice to it, i

f only in the privacy of your journal. 

Let energy flow around it and help clear it away.

Call a friend, see a therapist and look into support groups. If you grew up in chaos or are living in it now you may find relief in a 12-step program. www.Online.SupportGroups.com is a resource that offers

immediate connection to people who may share your story.

Call your church, temple or social services office.

Believe this: there are people available right now who want to help you heal.

Be brave.

Put the burden down and surrender to deep breath.

Then surrender to the next breath.

See how many breaths you can link together while in a peaceful state of surrender. Your treasure is waiting. Throw away the scripts you don’t want to star in.

Let's write a new story. Start with this breath, and the next. Breathe. Open the gate.
A new era
My hope is you’ve found some peace and perhaps a new idea

to take forward on your journey. Reiki, deep breathing and EFT are all great tools to discover and use every day. 

Adopt the practice of simply sitting and taking 100 conscious breaths each day.

And, you can always step outside and find a patch of nature

where you can breathe in the energy of the universe.

Nourishing, healing energy is free and abundant.

Every moment brings the opportunity to usher in a new era. 

Breathe. Open the gate.   


 Kacey Morabito Grean is the award winning radio host of Shine On:

The Health & Happiness Show and cohost of Mike & Kacey in the Morning on 100.7 WHUD in New York and www.whud.com.
Her inspirational presentation “Everything I needed to Know I learned on the Radio” has delighted audiences throughout the tri state area. 
Shine on Reiki is her practice in the Hudson Valley

where she lives with her husband and a pack of pets. 

Kacey has  also written “Open Your Heart. 4 Steps to Finding Love” 

and she is a contributor to the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series. 

Hear Kacey’s Shine On podcasts at www.Kacey.co, iTunes, SoundCloud and Stitcher. 

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Open the Gate